Pip Courtney from the ABC Landline program compiled a fantastic article on the work being done in rural Australia by ‘Are you bogged mate?”, which was aired on Sunday, 5 July 2020.

CONTENT WARNING: This video contains discussion about suicide. There’s also some strong language.⚠️

The stigma around talking about mental health is proving deadly in rural Australia… particularly with men. The male suicide rate in the bush is rising. For one rural woman the numbers were so shocking she did something about it, by asking a simple question – “Are you bogged mate?”.

"Are you Bogged Mate?": A Mental Health Message For Rural Men

Are you bogged mate?

Are you bogged mate? is all about helping country blokes talk about mental health and suicide while spreading awareness about depression in the bush.

Depression in the bush is a lot like getting bogged in the mud. It might have been just a sticky patch of the road or paddock where the vehicle stopped moving, maybe you needed low range or to winch yourself out. But what happens when you get properly bogged? When it’s down to the running boards, sitting on the chassis, you are not getting out of this one easily – that’s the kind of bogged we mean.

Country blokes are facing challenges like never before but it doesn’t mean you need to get stuck in the mud. There are plenty places to go to get a tow and it takes guts to admit you’re bogged. We’re making sure you’re connected with the right hands to pull you out.

Worried your mate is bogged?

When you think ‘she’ll be right’ isn’t enough!

Learn the warning signs, lend an ear and get your tow cables ready.

Visit their website: https://www.areyouboggedmate.com.au/
or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/areyouboggedmate/