An initiative of SANE Australia, Everymind and Mindframe.

We encourage you to be mindful of the power of your words, in order to reduce stigma and minimise harm to the most vulnerable in our community.


SANE Australia and Everymind, supported by our colleagues across the Australian mental health and suicide prevention sector, are increasingly concerned about the use of unsafe language, myths, stereotypes and stigma which are commonly referenced as part of political discourse.

To show your support for SANE and Everymind’s stigma reduction initiatives, sign the ‘I Say No To Stigma’ pledge form. Just follow the three easy steps below:

  1. Print out and sign the ‘I Say No To Stigma’ pledge form.
  2. Take a selfie (or just a photo!) with your pledge.
  3. Get socialising! Share your pledge photo so everyone can see your commitment to this important movement.
    Include a brief explanation of why you chose to sign the pledge and make sure you include the hashtag #stigmapledge and tag @SANEAustralia, @EverymindAU and @MindframeMedia.

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