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Publications & Presentations

Presentations, Publications & Reports of Romana Bowd (nee Madl)

  • BOWD, R (invited speaker), Anderson, R & Clark, R. (2013) The challenges of maintaining rapport and empathy via Telehealth to engage patients. 5th Annual National Telemedicine Conference, Sydney, Australia. “Evolving the Future of Healthcare Delivery in Australia”. 20th – 21st March.
  • BOWD, R, Anderson, D & Clark, R. (2012) Do we see what they see? The challenges of communicating in an e-health environment. 4th Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference, Adelaide, Australia, “Putting People First”, 19th – 21st November.
  • BOWD, R & Galbraith, A. (2008) Not skipping a beat: Heart failure services in an e-health environment. AnnualState Conference, Australian College of Health Service Executives. “Going for Gold in Health – Motivation, Effort, Performance”
  • Presentation of PhD work to Annual State Conference of Australian Health Services Executives, Gold Coast, Australia, “Health Futures the Next generation”, 24th – 25th May 2007 (received the Excellence in Health Leadership award for the presentation)
  • Glasson, William (Dr), BOWD R & Douyere, John (Dr) (2007) Eyes on the outback: Ophthalmology down the line. 2nd Healthcare without walls: delivering the best care in the best place .”Change Champions”
  • BOWD, R. (2006) Telehealth beats tyranny of distance. ABC Rural, Bush Telegraph (live radio interview by Margot Foster, 19/09/2006)
  • BOWD R, Hudson, L, Parkinson, C, Hornsby, D & Magazinovic, N. (2003) Communications technology and wound care management: Issues for clinicians. 4th Joint Conference of the Infection Control Practitioners Association of Queensland and the Queensland Wound Care Association. “A Gold Standard Promoting the Future”
  •  BOWD R, Hudson, L, Hornsby, D, Parkinson, C & Collins, N. (2003) Telehealth: Transferring the expertise, not the patient.  Australian Resource Centre for Hospital Innovations (Qld), Toolkit Seminar, “Innovations in Health Service Delivery in Rural and Remote Australia”
  •  Hudson, L, Parkinson, C, Hornsby D, BOWD R, Collins N.  2003  Telehealth: A National Sustainable Approach. 7th National Rural Health Conference, Hobart, March, 2003.
  •  Hornsby D, Hudson L, Parkinson C, Collins N & BOWD R, 2002, Ensuring the Successful Integration of Telehealth into Mainstream Health Services, ACHSE State Conference, Nov 2002.
  •  Parkinson, C, Hudson, L, Hornsby, D, BOWD, R & Collins, N, 2002 Telehealth: A tool to Bring Healthcare Closer to Communities. Health Professionals in the North Conference, Townsville, September 2002.
  • Hudson, L, Hornsby D, BOWD, R, Collins, N, & Parkinson, C. 2002.  Videoconferencing as an Integrated Health Care Tool: A Demonstration of Direct Clinical Care. Queensland Division of General Practice Conference, Townsville, June 2002.
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  • MADL R, Reimann, A, O’Brien, B & Bush R (1999).  Negotiated health outcomes. 1999 Winter School in the Sun Conference: Drug Harm in the New Millennium, Presenter, Brisbane, July 5-8, 1999
  • Woollin, J., Reiher, C., MADL R. (1999). Multiple Sclerosis and carer burden. International Journal of Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Anderson, D., Harris & MADL R.  (1998)  Primary Health Care: Women’s Health.  (Kathy Rogers-Clark, Ed.), Violence Against Women, Chapter 6.  Sydney :Maclennan & Petty.
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  • Posner, N., Langham, J. & MADL R.  A host family scheme: Making a reality of care in the community.
    Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Conference, “There’s a person in there”, Darling Harbour, Sydney, November 1996.
  • Harris, M., Anderson, D., Mannion, J. McCosker, H. &  MADL R. Developing an education package on violence against women for community based rural health workers: A multidisciplinary collaborative approach to the development of practice & community development, Primary Health Care: Working Together, Continuing Education Unit, University of Sydney, Nov. 23-24, 1995.