After the distressing images in the media following the recent tragedy in New Zealand, a lot of people, including our children, feel very strong emotions that they do not know how to express.  It is important to be aware that:

  • Strong feelings and trauma responses are normal
  • Trauma affects everyone differently and there is no “right way” to deal with trauma
  • Encourage connection over isolation
  • Encourage and enable support/help seeking
  • Encourage use of existing support mechanisms, including spiritual and cultural practices
  • Children learn about managing feelings, building resilience and responses to trauma from those around them

Thank you to the New Zealand Psychological Society for providing a list of resources which could be useful at this time.

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Support agencies/ available counselling

Resources on Trauma

Note: there is a wealth of information available relating to trauma – this is not an exhaustive list however below are some examples of well evidenced information

The Impact of Distressing Video Material

As you may be aware, there is video footage of last Friday’s terror attack that has been circulating on-line.  Authorities and internet providers are working together to identify those people who have shared it, and it’s being removed from circulation.
This video material may be highly distressing. We encourage those who are impacted by viewing this material to seek support as needed. You can phone or text 1737 at any time to access free confidential counselling services.  You can also access EAP and / or Workplace Support in the usual ways.
Please be aware of the impact of recent events and the repeated viewing of distressing video material on children and young people. Read more

Resources for parents/whānau/community

Resources for Teachers and Schools

Resources for Professionals and Support Services

Further General trauma-related Resources/Information

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